monday Vegetarian Pasta (every week a new Variation) + beverage 8.1
Tuesday Curry Variation with Reis an Salad + Beverage 8.1
wednesday Pork medailions with Reis and Salad + beverage 8.1
Thursday Lasagne al Forno + beverage 8.1
Friday "Bacalhau day", Each week another variant of the Portuguese main ingredient + beverage 9
Breakfast Coffee, tee or hot chocolate Juice of your joice 2 pieces of bread or rolls jam, honey and butter 5.3
ham and cheese 1.9
Scrambled eggs, cooked or fried eggs 2.6
Espresso small aromatic coffee 1.8
Melange Coffee Viennese style with foamed milk 2.8
Cappuccino strong coffee with foamed milk and cocoa 3.2
Cafe latte milk coffee 3.2
Ice coffee Iced coffee with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 3.8
Milkshakes with milk and fruites
banana / chocolate / wild berries
Hot Choclate 2.9
Earl Gray 2.5
Chamomile tea 2.5
Peppermint tea 2.5
Lemon infusion lemon tea with honey 2.5
Fruit tea 2.5
Fresh baguettes    
Tuna filled with tuna pastry, salat and olives 4.7
Cheese filled with melted cheese and tomatos 4.7
Roastbeef filled with cold roastbeef and horseradish souce 5.6
Prego small filet steak on bread with salat and Potato Wedges 7.9
Bifana marinated pork filet on bread with salat and Potato Wedges 7.1
Cheese Toast Portugese cheese in fresh toast with salat 3.4
Ham and Cheese Toast Classic style with salat 3.8
"Tosta Especial" With Proscitto and Portuguese Cheese 4.5
Pessoa Cup mango Eis with Port and cream 3.8
Strawberry Cheese Cake with strawberry sauce and Cream 3.8
Portugese Tapas    
Cheese plate Selection of portugese chesses 6.8
Smoked plate Choice of smoked meat and the traditional prosciutto 9.7
Mixed Tapas Plate A choice of our specialties 9.8
Chourico Assado 6.8