With entering the Pessoa Lounge you enter a place where you are able to relax while drinking your favourite coffee and reading the daily newspaper. If you choose to come during the evening hours you can try one of the delicious wines and enjoy the tasty and traditional portugese food. The Pessoa Lounge offers a multitude of enjoyments and you are just about to experience some of them. The Lounge with its extraordinary design and a breathtaking backyard combines modernity and tradition.

The interior design shows the designer's talent for detail and high standard. The perfect combination of wood, high-grade steel and leather gives the Lounge a special touch of elegance. The choice of the colours- a warm dark tone of red, white and different shades of brown- gives the space an atmosphere of balance and harmony. Light floats in through the various windows, the mirrors give you the possibility to overlook the whole space and the backyard leads you in a tiny paradise in the middle of the city. The quintessential building of this backyard is the newly renovated Palais Karl Ludwig with its gorgeous white facades, statues and fountains. While you sit in the backyard drinking your cold beer on a hot summer day you enjoy the calming atmosphere, day dream or concentrate on your work.

The portugese people love to eat and drink and one of the most important aspects for them is the quality of their food and drinks. The Pessoa Lounge offers a wide range of traditional portugese food and wines with high quality. Certainly everybody finds something which he likes to eat and drink, considering different gustos and appetites. There are delicious sandwiches with different fillings,  portugese tapas plates served with tasty meat, cheese, olives, vegetables and more. The traditional pastel de natas is a creamy dessert, which melts on your tongue. The wines in the Pessoa Lounge make you want to come back and try another one or enjoy the same you had the last time. The rich and intensive flavour of the wines are seductive. There is a whole range of wines, which leads from the light vinho verde to the strong taste of the vinho tinto.

The Pessoa Loung is a place to celebrate. People from various countries come together to celebrate birthday parties, marriages and more. Naturally the Lounge is a meeting point for portugese people and if you want to get to know new faces just come over and enjoy the delightful atmosphere. On the weekends the Lounge is a place for happenings- there is often Brasilian or Portugese live music. You have the choice of dancing to the rhythms of hot samba or sit relaxed with a fresh caipiriniha and just live the moment.

We also make reservations and organise private parties of all kind, so when you have any requests just call and we will be there for you .

If you got interested to meet us and the Pessoa Lounge then come and accompany us. We are looking forward to meet you!!